Emphasizing a Team Mentality When Recruiting to Work from Home

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February 15, 2022
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March 22, 2022
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Emphasizing a Team Mentality When Recruiting to Work from Home

2020 has brought with it a huge learning curve. The post-COVID-19 business landscape is like nothing we’ve seen in modern times. You may be wondering how to cope but I’m going to tell you, the question itself is a mistake. Coping is a temporary fix to a temporary situation. You must evolve. As many adjust to working at home, so must businesses adjust to the new challenges of recruiting, team building, and maintaining morale for remote work. Here are a few ways to build your reputation as a company that talented people want to work for even in their own offsite space.

Provide the best tech: When you’re asking top notch workers to join your team, they have a right to expect you to be top notch too. Review your own support offerings with a critical eye. Would you be impressed by the equipment and software your company offers if you were a potential recruit?

Keep it Fun: Plan safe and entertaining team events like costumed team video meetings and online parties for painting or games. Host low pressure contests for prizes. Logo attire is also a fun way to keep the team spirit alive. Gift your team t-shirts, sweatshirts, or coffee mugs with a special team logo. You can even have them contribute to the design.

Offer Multifaceted Support: Working outside of an office is new for many and for some, who enjoy the hustle and bustle of an office it can be difficult. Offer assistance in setting up a well-organized work space in their residence. Keep your team’s mental health in mind. Make sure they have access to and are not discouraged from utilizing the mental health offerings of their insurance. Consider gifting subscriptions to wellness, yoga, or meditation apps.

Be Loyal: When your team is physically distant you must take steps to make them feel secure in their place within your organization. A weekly email, perhaps including a video message, expressing your appreciation for their work can be a big boost. Appreciation naturally flows in two directions. When you remind your staff how much they’re valued, they’re reminded of how much they appreciate being part of a fun and successful professional team.

Respect Boundaries: Unless it’s stipulated in their employment contract or optional overtime is being provided as perk, you should avoid calls and assignments outside of work hours and weekends, barring emergencies. It takes effort and practice to separate work and personal life when your office is also your home so clear lines should be encouraged between the two.

I don’t need to remind you that desirable wages, promotional opportunities, and great benefits are some primary draws for bringing in talent but clearly showing you’ve put real thought into the evolving nature of work can set you apart from the competition. Never stop learning and adapting and your staff will follow that example.

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